PHH Projects Foundation

PHH Projects (PHHP) is a non-profit organization with the aim of providing information, training & education and realizing projects in the field of social security and welfare, public health, labor, corporate social responsibility and supporting minority groups.

Target groups that PHHP is focussing on:

  • People at a distance to the labor market, regardless the reason
  • Minorities on all grounds

Projects must be related to at least one of the objectives and at least one of the target groups.

The work area is basically unlimited, but in practice, it will mainly focus on Europe and specifically the Benelux.


  • Knowledge and skills will be obtained through PHH Academy and (through collaborations with) other knowledge institutes / organizations, own studies and projects and through public sources
  • Financial resources (in whatever form) are obtained through gifts, bequests, funds and subsidies.
  • Other resources (office space, office supplies, website, promotional resources, etc.) will be paid for by the foundation or obtained through donations or bartering.
  • Rights and patents are obtained through donations, purchase and/or by own development of materials, knowledge, concepts and all other intangible matters.