The PHH Projects Foundation is dedicated to all people who have to deal with obstacles, thresholds and limitations to make their dreams come true.

Sometimes it is a personal limitation, sometimes it is not a condition or a personal limitation at all, but a prejudice or even laws that they have to deal with.


In too many countries,

  • women do not have the same status as men.
  • people from the LGBTX group have to fear for their position and sometimes even for their lives.
  • freedom of religion is not possible at all.
  • children cannot be children because they are exploited, abused, maltreated or neglected.
  • people of different races, colors and cultures are fighting each other.

In too many countries it all happens… ..


Every person counts

Of course, or unfortunately, the PHH Projects Foundation cannot fight everything, but everything we can do, helps people. And every person counts.

Every project counts.

Every child who is no longer abused, counts.

Every woman who has no fear of walking down the street, counts.

Every man who can freely enter into a relationship with another man, counts.

Every .............., counts.


That is why we are critical

That is why the PHH Projects Foundation tries to start projects with the help of subsidies, donations and other income. The foundation cannot, nor wants to make a profit. The Foundation works as cost-efficiently as possible, does not pay out large salaries and does not waste money. The money is meant to help people who need it, not to make people richer.


That is why we are critical of the people we work with, the projects we support or initiate and even the money we receive. You don't build peace with blood money.