About us


There are six partners spread over Europe, with the same dream to enhance the position of people with disabilities at the common labour market.


  • BCLL from Bulgaria
  • Atempo from Austria
  • EASPD from Belgium
  • ISAS from The Netherlands
  • PHH Academie from The Netherlands
  • Scuola Viva Onlus from Italia

A strong team with all the competences we need in this project. And if we need extra hands or brains, we have an extensive network.


What we want in this European project

Wouldn’t it be wonderful when:

  • people with disabilities would have the same confidence in finding jobs as people who do not have that extra handicap?
  • jobseekers with disabilities and employers would find each other as easy as it happens at the ‘normal’ labour market?
  • employers would have the real picture of people with disabilities, as people who can contribute as well as people without the extra handicap?


Our dreams

We all are dedicated to all people who have to deal with obstacles, thresholds and limitations to make their dreams come true.

Sometimes it is a personal limitation, sometimes it is not a condition or a personal limitation at all, but a prejudice or even laws that they have to deal with.