Who we are

'PHH Projects Foundation' is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Dutch PHH Academie

The Academy educates people to become job coach, participation coach or WMO coordinator (and many more). The foundation focuses on the target group that our students are involved with. The people who need help. People at a distance from the labor market. People who want to participate, but cannot do so on their own. They need help. This is of course offered to them by the people we train, but there is so much more to do.

Their dreams

The PHH Projects Foundation is dedicated to all people who have to deal with obstacles, thresholds and limitations to make their dreams come true.

Sometimes it is a personal limitation, sometimes it is not a condition or a personal limitation at all, but a prejudice or even laws that they have to deal with.

Our dreams

We dream of a world where people with disabilities have the same chances and possibilities as people without them.

We dream of a world where everyone is free to go wherever they want to.

We dream of a world where children can live as children, growing up in confidence and love, with sufficient housing and education

We dream of a world where everyone can live the love they choose

We dream of a world where color is just everyone’s beauty

We dream of a world where everyone’s religion is free of choice and respected

Dream with us