Projects of the PHH Projects Foundation have a start and an end. The period in between can be short and long, but always aimed at taking care of:

  • instruction
  • education
  • training and tuition


and focused on:

  • social security and welfare
  • public health
  • the labor market
  • corporate social responsibility
  • supporting minority groups


Projects of the PHH Projects Foundation focus primarily on the following target groups:

  • People having a distance to the labor market, based on a restriction (regardless of which)
  • Minorities on any grounds


Although this is already a broad description, that covers most groups, it may be that there are other groups who would also like to be part of a project. That is not excluded, but always at the discretion of the board.


However, projects must always be related to at least one of the objectives/focus areas and at least one of the target groups. It is always the board that takes the decision whether or not to support or initiate a project.


Although the working area is in principle unlimited, in practice the focus is mainly on Europe, with the focus on the Benelux.