Objective and activities

  1. People with disabilities must have the same chances and possibilities as people without disabilities.
  2. People with a distance to the labour market must be given a fair chance to participate in the most optimal way they can.
  3. This project is based on the method of Supported Employment


What we want to build

There is a strong need for a comprehensive E-Portfolio for people with disabilities to present themselves at the labour market in a better way. It comes with a Progress Registration System (PRS), that will able them to alter their E-Portfolio at all time, everywhere and in the way they want it.

To use that E-Portfolio effectively, we will build a platform, especially for hiring employers and people with disabilities, to find each other.

Of course, there will be an extensive manual and a special training course to use it properly.


We will build what is needed


1. An E-Portfolio framework which consists of two parts:

Personal profile model: this includes all relevant information of the person with a disability;

Several scripts for recording all relevant information needed to prove skills and competences for different types of disabilities. This makes the E-portfolio way more extensive than a regular CV.


2. Based on the output of 1a (dynamic interactive E-portfolio) a tool (manual) will be developed for organisations that are involved in supporting people with disabilities to enter the open labour market.


3. A training module for the use of the E-portfolio for professionals working in the area of supporting people with disabilities. The training module will be made available through real life teaching program and as an E-learning program.


4. Progress Registration System (PRS). The digital combination of Supported Employment and the E-portfolio framework, makes it possible that all relevant new information (e.g. their latest acquired skills and competences) can be added everywhere and at all time by the people themselves and/or their jobcoaches. This makes the individual E-portfolio constantly up to date. This is of great importance since people in these positions often keep learning and improving themselves.


5. A platform for jobseekers and employers, where they can find each other. Employers can upload their vacancies and jobseekers with a disability, can apply for the vacancies that they are qualified for, with their E-Portfolio. The platform forces the employers to put the vacancies in a way that every jobseeker can immediately check if that position is possible for him/her. The platform is only available for jobseekers with a disability! The platform will be web-based and accessible with an app.